Below you'll find some of our frequently asked questions. If you need more information just contact us using this form.

How do I send my tracks

Please use the upload box to transfer your tracks. For mixing: If possible provide the raw recorded tracks without any effects. Please refer to your DAW´s manual to get your tracks exported in the highest possible quality. For mastering: Please make sure you export your mix at the highest possible quality and also make sure the track isn´t clipping and level peaks stay well below 0 dBFS throughout the length of the track.

How long will it take?

A free track-check reply will be in your inbox within 24 hours on workdays! If you would like a free test-mix and the material you uploaded is ready to be mixed we also try to provide the test-mix within 24 hours on workdays. Otherwise we will let you know when the next free slot for a test-mix is available. After placing an order for a full mix and master of a song you will usually receive your finished mix/master within 2 to 3 workdays. Also depending on our schedule we will work out a deadline together that you can rely on. When ordering a full production service we will discuss together what this may look like and will determine a time frame depending on the extent of the production.

What if I don´t like the result or want something changed?

First, by providing a free test mix/master/production sample you should be able to estimate if the result sounds like what you had in mind and if you like the way we work in general. If this is the case you can be sure all following steps will even improve the results. Plus there are as many revisions inlcuded in the price as it takes to make it perfect.

How much will it cost and do you offer a discount if I order more songs?

Every requirements for each project are highly individual, so the price is very much dependent on what needs to be done on your project. After evaluating your uploaded material we will provide you with a suggestion and will include a free price quote for several options that come into consideration for your project. Also, the more songs you order the lower the price per song will be.

What else do I need to send?

The more information we get the better the results will be. This means it would be great if you could describe your vision for the song as good as possible. Even better would be to name reference songs of a similar genre that inspire you and you love the sound of.

What files will I be getting?

Final mixes or master files can be obtained in the following formats: - WAV (16 Bit, 24 Bit or 32 Bit Float) - MP3 (320 kB/s) - FLAC - AIFF - OGG VORBIS - DDP image

How does payment work?

When placing an order you will receive an invoice with a link to the payment options Paypal or Credit Card.

What kind of services do you offer exactly?

Let´s start the other way round: The only thing we do NOT offer is songwriting and lyric writing. We leave that one to you! All following steps can be ordered from Mixxxster. Typically there are two scenarios: 1. The artists/band already recorded and arranged all tracks in their homestudio or any other studio and Mixxxster will mix and master these tracks. If needed editing services like vocal tuning and timing corrections can be done as well. 2. The artist only recorded the vocal track(s) and one instrument (guitar or piano) and i agreement with the artists Mixxxser will produce additional instrumental tracks and once this additional production work is finished will do a mix and master. Whatever service your projects may need, the end result will alway be a professional sounding finished production that is ready to be released.

How could my music benefit when getting mixed and mastered by Mixxxster?

Spending decades in music at some point leads to the awareness, that a great mix both comes from a technical AND an artistic side. THE TECHNICAL MIX: Most mix enigneers immediately start mixing a song after pulling in the raw tracks with EQ, compression like they learned 10, 20 or more years ago and ignore that there are incredible digital tools to prepare and improve these raw tracks before mixing even starts. This means on every mix we go the extra mile and give that special treatment to your tracks in a premix-phase. Once finished we start the actual mixing process at a much higher level that´s very hard to catch up with "conventional" tools and techniques. THE ARTISTIC MIX: At the end of the day when you are hiring a mix engineer what you actually are buying is his personal taste. Inevitably that will influence every single mix decision the engineer is making, and there are thousands of them made when the mix is done. So what my "taste" will basically do is create a three dimensional musical landscape that I envision in my head and also bring out all those details in your performance that will gain a maximum amount of emotional impact on the listener. So in conclusion a technically perfect mix is something I consider a basic prerequisite upon which only a deep musical heart and soul can create world class mix.

What does "track-check" mean?

After uploading your tracks we will use our checklist to assess all technical and musical aspects of your submitted tracks and as a result you will receive the completed form including all objective and subjective notes. The reason why this is important: the quality of the finished product is always dependent on the source material. So the first step is always an assessment of the source material. We will listen to what you already have and will respond with a detailed and honest feedback on these aspects. As we all know feedback can be an extremely important part in anybody's career, so If nothing else that alone will be of great value for you, and it´s free! If we should come to the conclusion, that your tracks aren't ready to be mixed yet and need some work beforehand we will let you know what exactly has to be done to get there and offer suggestions for additional production work.

What´s included in a free test mix/master?

A free test mix is kind of a "try before you buy" offer. We will mix only a section of your song, usually a verse and chorus so you get an idea what a full mix will sound like. After that you decide freely if you want to continue and order a full mix and master.

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