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The Box & Become mONTHLY PACKAGE is an opportunity to connect both the External & Internal.

  • 40£
    Every month
    • Box Only
    • Unlimited 'Box Together' Classes
    • Cancel Anytime
  • 75£
    Every month
    • Unlimited Box Classes
    • Unlimited Breathe Classes
    • Free 'Learn to Box' Tutorial
  • 40£
    Every month
    • Breathe Only
    • Mid week Medi & Breath Classes
    • Cancel Anytime

"The Boxing Boutique is aligned with my reality and that of innumerable women globally, and aims to provide a holistic approach to feeling good by working on not only the physical but emotional and mental aspects of yourself.


I wanted to create a space where there was no separation between internal and external development, as the two are inextricably linked. When we improve physically and feel good, we become more focused, engaged, and receptive."

Lesley Sackey, Founder of The Boxing Boutique

BB clients

“‘Lesley is amazing! She not only knows boxing inside and out, she also creates an understanding and calming space for reaching your goals whilst boosting mental wellness with her calming demeanour.”

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